I believe positioning is fundamental to any business strategy.  An effective approach to positioning should clarify the core markets you serve, the value-creating services you provide, and the meaningful expertise you offer that aligns with the needs of each market.

Generally, the simplest approach to position yourself in a niche industry is by building deep expertise in a relatively narrow service offering that has high value to a wide range of clientele across a variety of industries.

The second approach to positioning is to align the firm’s resources to serve a range of needs for clients within one or a handful of select industry verticals.

Mainmultimedia helps to position your brand in front of your B2B clients online.


Some say brands must walk the walk and talk the talk. We say brands should talk the talk and walk the catwalk. And that’s where we come in. We offer Corporate Identity designs for new brands and we’re just as good at giving brands and their existing CI’s an overhaul to keep up with today’s trends


It is a busy, busy place out there in the big wide world of web and we know that your Digital Marketing budget has to stretch a long, long way. This is why we believe that tailor made solutions are the only way to make the biggest waves across all mobile and web based platforms. Engaging consumers by providing a visual feast for their senses along with fast, efficient interactions will leave a lasting impression and give your brand the best chance to do amazing things.


We give you the latest and greatest in overall online solutions so that you and your brand can keep up with the dynamic landscape of the digital world. We do whatever it takes to give your brand the best chance of making waves in the digital landscape. When it comes to digital speak we know a lot of languages, which helps seeing as we love online as much as you do. We work night and day to get customers engaging and interacting with your brand in a way that is relevant to you and your brand.


A famous writer once said: “There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.” And we couldn’t agree more, so we’ll make it our mission to make sure your brand is talked about, even when you’re not around. Now remember, this can be a risky business in an online environment: if conversations are going on about you and you’re not there to respond. But don’t worry; we’ve got you back. We’ll monitor, respond to and interact with people who are voicing their opinions about your brand. We do this through PR, blogs and social media so that we can keep up with the gossip out there. This all forms part of our social media management service where we will put our skills into high gear to positively influence the overall customer experience.


From eye catching animation on a Webpage all the way to full Corporate videos we put the flash into your presentations. See what we did there ….Flash? Our solutions are equally at home in a Corporate Boardroom as they are in eventing halls and you may even find them adding pizazz to TV Broadcasts. By combining focused content with smooth motion graphics your ideas will come to life anywhere.


In a bid to create an emotional connection with consumers, Marketers are keen to get their hands on non-traditional channels such as experiential, digital and social media. As the marketing industry moves away from traditional advertising on television, in magazines and on billboards the world-wide web can be a daunting place for the weary. At MainMultiMedia our wealth of experience will have you accessing the Digital and Social Media platforms with confidence. This focus has seen our team excel in the Digital world and develop a strong presence in the Social Media realm. No matter what you might need from a full build of an online digital campaign or a quick and quirky update for your Instagram and Facebook posts, we can get your tweets whistling to your unique tune.

It’s important to create a buzz around your brand online so that your brand can live in the lives of your customers across various platforms, so we’ll add to your brand’s stock by running online PR campaigns. Whether it’s Facebook Twitter, YouTube or any other place with a little like button, we’ll make sure your voice is heard across the interwebs.